A visual text within Payami’s work

By Duba Cruz Paris | Dominican painter, poet and writer residing in Spain

Payami’s visual text unfolds a narrative event in multiple overlapping fragments in frank dialogue or open confrontation in which, unlike local painting, there is a predominant element or a pure visual nature in his work. All values ​​face their own value, worth the redundancy; we are before a plural and democratic visual text where each element is enthroned by appealing to different readings.

Payami’s work bears reminiscences of the industriousness and visual richness of a large part of the pictorial tradition of Dominican art abroad; while displaying a great accumulation of values ​​and knowledge that is translated from the artistic practice of this geography, enhancing the most intellectual aspect of artistic practice, it is possible to recognize writing strategies that, by appealing to the configuration of spaces of silence and emptiness , of porosities and breaks, they draw a map in which, through a repositioning and confrontation of knowledge, it is possible to delineate areas that allow a sacred reading of the history of Dominican art.

The painting of this artist expands on an articulation that allows him to operate from the assumption of a clear separation between the drips and the backgrounds. These fields are made explicit in collage as imaginary, rather than as technical resource. The pieces that make up this process are organizing a heterogeneity of plural knowledge through a practice of writing and rewriting (layers and layers and layers of paintings) that are combined according to various variables within each of the fragments of a proposal that tends to narrativity, to place ourselves on a graphic continuum.

The Greco-Latin philosophers and their formal-cultural representation are some of the accidents of the territory of Payami’s painting; whose enclaves stimulate visual and interpretive research. His work creates meaning by consigning it, according to the well-known Derridean formula, one could say, the constant accumulation of images saturates the implicit mechanics of space occupation, operating as excess. The rewriting operations in this text: inclusion, reinterpretation, overlap, among others, would tend not only to duplicate the specialized character of his painting but, due to the vigor with which they are made, would come to modify the traditional relationship with white space.

That is why in his work Payami presumes a tendency to volume, to the three-dimensionality that reaches the very unfolding of the drawing, making the work almost sculptural. From this perspective one of the senses that refers him to Jackson Pollock and attributes to the relationship is intensified between white and dripping: white is shown, by the operation of writing that tends to fill it, as infinite, always fillable, always possible to fill payami investigates with his majestic work in the interiors of us, of the origin of our karma , which is the set of ancestors, the dynamics of the souls that have been before and that now influence us or intersect. Whose work is nourished by Santo Domingo, with memories and Caribbean ancestry, being the consequence of a journey through the past and present, uniting times and countries with his works, merging them into a whole, because it is the concept of time in creation of Payami, and it’s relative. A relativity that travels beyond the circumstances, which is the product of an attitude that consolidates space and time.

Submerged drippings’ are not only drippings as such, but we are ourselves, our circumstances AND our ancestors and past lives. Everything is part of a whole, of a set of ecosystems that is clearly evidenced by the fact that letting flow is the happening, and the mere fact of creating is the supreme moment, the experience is self-evident. All experience is an act Unique, the Dominican creator knows it, he investigates his past, he takes a journey through his childhood, adolescence and his yearnings for now, without giving up his fantasy, seeking the prize in every journey he makes in his life.

Payami is an artist who fits into the dynamics of existence, understanding that there is something more, that there is a concatenation of moments, some lived, others understood as already lived but, in reality, only accepted on the side; while the most rest in the mind of the world of his action, there is no evidence, only circumstances of such evidence, accumulation of sensations, but, the magical world of him is still there, it is the verification.

Not only of signs, external environment, water, sky, clouds, air, but they are things of the same nature, Payami works in mixed technique on canvas, combining painting, drawing, collage, matter with gesture, detail, color, architectural approach abstract, in which the subconscious and conscious dialogue in an environment in which space yields prominence to time, immersing themselves in a multi-orientation environment in which their vision of themselves stands out.

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