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A visual text within Payami’s work

By Duba Cruz Paris | Dominican painter, poet and writer residing in Spain Payami’s visual text unfolds a narrative event in multiple overlapping fragments in frank dialogue or open confrontation in which, unlike local painting, there is a predominant element or a pure visual nature in his work. All values ​​face their own value, worth the redundancy; we are before […]
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Payami is a giant with the brush

Miguel Payano, better known as (Payami), is a fine plastic artist who gives prestige to the group of Dominican painters who reside outside the country. His abstract art is a reference that combines creativity with the techniques of the teacher. His respected brush has taken him to expose prestigious galleries such as; Art Basel Miami, Coconut Grove Art Festival, Alce […]
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Payami’s Success

The multifaceted Dominican was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on December 18, 1967. Payami fell in love with the beauty of nature, from drawing to painting and the arts. It was there that he cultivated the gift that God provided – a wonderful gift and a legacy for his parents, family, friends and acquaintances: The portrait of the innumerable […]
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All Art Picture and Framing hosts ‘Fusion Art Day’ on August 13

All Art Picture and Framing located at 15505 Bull Run Road will be celebrating the “Fusion Art Day” with a special gallery night event showcasing the art work of Laura Domine Buscató, Spanish Realistic painter and Miguel Payami abstract expressionist acrylic and colored pencil paintings of Dominican Republic. The event is set for August 13 from 11 a.m. to 4 […]
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Works of Elegance and Energy at Agora Gallery

This summer, Agora Gallery will unveil fresh and memorable shows to all art-lovers who may need that extra incentive go gallery-hopping in the infamous NYC heat. Come in to cool down, enjoy glass of seltzer, and peruse our diverse and international collections. Guests may find themselves completely transformed, if not simply gratefully refreshed! The exhibition Cadences of Color reminds the […]
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Exhibition by Dominican artist PAYAMI at Agora Gallery, NYC

The Agora Gallery will be holding a special exhibition, Cadences of Color, featuring the artwork of Dominican artist PAYAMI. The exhibition begins on July 5, 2014 and run until July 25, 2014. The opening reception takes place on the evening of Thursday July 10, at 6-8pm. About the Artist The abstract expressionist acrylic and colored pencil paintings of Dominican Republic […]
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