Payami is a giant with the brush

Miguel Payano, better known as (Payami), is a fine plastic artist who gives prestige to the group of Dominican painters who reside outside the country.

His abstract art is a reference that combines creativity with the techniques of the teacher. His respected brush has taken him to expose prestigious galleries such as; Art Basel Miami, Coconut Grove Art Festival, Alce Art Studio, Ágora Gallery, Cultural Souls, Framed Allart and Miami Lakes Gallery, Nina Torres Gallery, 17 Art Gallery, among other solo and group exhibitions.

The texture that creates in the canvas, is its strong that takes care in every detail to print its stamp of distinction. Recent exhibitions at the X Dominican Book Fair and the Arts Festival, in New York, were highly valued by the public that attended those events.

Primera Plana, is honored to exhibit some of his works exclusively.

By: Luis Alfredo Collado

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