Payami’s Success

The multifaceted Dominican was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on December 18, 1967. Payami fell in love with the beauty of nature, from drawing to painting and the arts. It was there that he cultivated the gift that God provided – a wonderful gift and a legacy for his parents, family, friends and acquaintances: The portrait of the innumerable colors that adorn the diversities of life.

Emigrating from his native Santo Domingo to New York City, without the preamble of joining the masses of the working forces, acquiring various vocations; the rite of passing through the great city only enhanced its value.

And so comes 2009, when in the month of October, upon completing the completion of several paintings, Payami participates with an incredible show in the exclusive Brickell Avenue circuit in Miami, Florida, which welcomes many renowned artists, world-class curators. and a large and select audience who carefully and passionately admire Payami’s incarnate painting.

After these experiences, Payami has walked a successful path of exhibitions in places like:

Art Basel Miami 2012

Coconut Grove Art Festival

Ana G Mendez University

Dominican Republic Independence Festival

Moose Art Studio 2012,2013

cuba 8 2013

Wynwood Warehouse Project 2014

Danilo Gonzalez Gallery 2014

Agora Gallery New York 2014

Cultural Souls Miami 2014

Art Basel Miami 2014

Pancake & Booze Art Show Miami, 2015

Allart Framing & Gallery Miami Lakes, 2015

Nina torres Gallery, 2015

17 Art Gallery in Fort Pierce

Art Fusion Gallery, 2016

Dominican Gastronomic Festival, Telemundo 2016

Dominican Gastronomic Festival, News 23 Univisión, 2016

Las Vegas Nevada, 2016

His experiences, along with his love for life, nature and family have been his inspiration in his artistic world. For those who do not appreciate art, it captures emotions such as sadness and joy, charm as well as living together with nature knowing the environment. Payami’s art says it all.

Touring Dominican Republic

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